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 Trevor Doherty scores and music directs "Don't Be A Dick About It" Feature Comedy/Documentary 

Trevor has scored and music directed the feature comedy/documentary "Don't Be  A Dick About It," winner of the IDFA 2018 Audience Award...

Don R. Williams in film short "Fiona"

Don just wrapped starring as Detective Evans in the film short "Fiona", shot in Alabama. Don appears as....

Don R. Williams in "Grey's Anatomy" October 20!

Don just wrapped shooting an episode of "Grey's Anatomy in Los Angeles. Don appears as....

 Trevor Doherty scores "Baker Trucking is Unsung" web short 

Trevor Doherty has scored the web short "Baker Trucking is Unsung", a segment of the Shell Rotella...

John Doherty relocated to New Mexico

John has made the move from full time software designer to full time filmmaker in a recent move to New Mexico....

Deborah Adair in "Set The Table" Web Series

Deborah Adair, writer and performer in our Annex Short "The Deal" also appears in the web series....

Victoria Lee Williams appearing in "Lily Pearl's Hat"

Victoria Lee Williams is appearing as "Lily" in "Lily's Pearl Hat", a feature in development...

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